Automate your trading. Code-free.

Free of charge with your Focus Markets account.

Get the best of both worlds. Human-planned & machine-traded.

Perfectly planned. Perfectly executed.

Make informed strategic decisions based on aggregated data sources.

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Your plan – executed scans the markets and executes trades based on data, tech indicators, and macroeconomics in real-time, all the time (24/7).

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More efficient buying power

Open all the strategies you can imagine – only the triggered ones will use your buying power.

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How good is your strategy? Use historical data to find out.

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Ever wanted to test your trading strategy risk-free? Do it now by employing real-time data.

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Performance Stats

What happens every time you trade? Get to know, as each trade is documented thoroughly.

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Rapid Responses

Markets changed? No worries! Edit your strategies based on performance and you are good to go in a jiffy.

How it works

For the first time, traders with zero coding skills can automate their trading.